Reopening Campaign Toolkit

Discover Jersey Arts logoAs part of our Discover Jersey Arts Reopening Campaign, being conducted in partnership with the New Jersey State Council on the Arts, ArtPride is making this toolkit available to field. We encourage arts organizations to use these tools to help spread the word about the industry's efforts to welcome audiences back safely.

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Social Media MP4s

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Performing Arts 640x384
Performing Arts 1080x1440
Performing Arts 1920x1080
Performing Arts 3840x2160

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Visual Arts 1080x1440
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30-Second MP4s

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Performing Arts 1200x1200
Performing Arts 1920x1080

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Visual Arts 1200x1200
Visual Arts 1920x1080

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Front of House Tip Sheet

We've drafted talking points and pulled together vaccination card/record examples to assist front of house staff in implementing new COVID-19 protocols. This word documented can be easily edited to fit the needs of your organization.


COVID-19 Safety Symbols

As part of our reopening campaign strategy, ArtPride has partnered with the New Jersey State Council on the Arts and NJ Theatre Alliance to create a set of COVID-19 Safety Messaging Symbols. These graphics are available for use by arts groups at no charge.