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Part-Time Finance Office Assistant
Englewood, NJ
Arts Horizons
Part Time
Posted August 01, 2022
The Finance Office Assistant position will be for 20 hours/week onsite at the Arts Horizons office in Englewood, NJ. The Finance Office Assistant will oversee accounts receivables by issuing invoices and following up on outstanding collections. They will support accounts payables for artists and vendors by reviewing and entering bills into QuickBooks. They will support supply orders for the program department as well as purchasing for the office. The position will report directly to the Executive Director and will work closely with the Finance Manager Consultant and Program Department Heads.

Duties and Responsibilities

• Oversee Accounts Receivables
o generate monthly invoices or school and community partners using QuickBooks
o issuing monthly invoices school and community partners
o Follow up on outstanding collections

• Support Accounts Payables
o Work with Program Department to review and Enter Artist Invoices
o Enter Vendor Bills into QuickBooks

• Liaise with vendors and execute purchasing for the Program Department and Office Supplies/Equipment
• Document and File paperwork for A/R and A/P
• Support Program Department and Office Budget processes
• Assist with the Annual Audit, registrations, and other financial operations


Knowledge of QuickBooks

How To Apply

TO APPLY Please e-mail a cover letter and resume to dena @ artshorizons . org NO phone calls please Deadline: Tuesday, August 23, 2022 Priority given to applications received on or before August 15, 2022
Deadline: Aug 23, 2022

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