Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Social Justice Value Statement

Using the power of the arts as a means to healing and justice, ArtPride New Jersey Foundation, Inc. (ArtPride) is committed to becoming an anti-racist organization.  We seek social justice for the historically excluded and oppressed, specifically those that identify as Black, LatinX, Asian Pacific Islander, Indigenous, and/or a Person of Color. ArtPride must view its mission through an intersectional framework that also includes the LGBTQ+ community, People with Disabilities, and all historically excluded individuals. 

ArtPride acknowledges the existence of systemic inequity within New Jersey’s arts and cultural community. We will work to promote healing from the damage done by systemic racism through increased public awareness of the value and impact of the arts; grassroots advocacy; and engaging historically excluded artists, and arts organizations in all of our efforts. Because of our own history as a predominantly white-led organization, ArtPride commits to transforming our organization to better reflect the diversity of our state’s residents. 

ArtPride seeks equitable access to the arts for all, and believes that creating, sharing, and experiencing art is crucial to the wellbeing of individuals, communities, and a functioning democracy. ArtPride commits to listening to, learning from, and collaborating with arts organizations, creative workers, artists, trustees, volunteers, and patrons in order to help shape a fairer and more just New Jersey. 

 To further racial justice practices, ArtPride must:

  • honor the diversity of artistic expression across New Jersey by actively working against conscious and unconscious bias in communications, content, and promotions;

  • continually assess and evolve all of our organizational practices to those that will include all historically excluded communities;

  • foster a more equitable distribution of power and wealth and nurture a culture of mutual respect among our staff, board, and volunteers.

 As a leader in the arts and cultural community, ArtPride must:

  • listen to arts organizations and artists from historically excluded communities to identify needed resources, and help to provide resources to address those needs;

  • ensure access to cultural opportunities for all people and organizations through advocacy for equitable and increased funding for arts and culture at local, state, and federal levels;

  • collaborate with strategic partners to challenge and dismantle systemic racism and support social justice for historically excluded artists and arts organizations;

  • assist historically excluded arts organizations, artists, and supporters to effectively advocate for public policy that addresses systemic inequities.

ArtPride’s Board of Trustees and staff commit to transparency and the highest standards of or accountability as we move toward our vision of operating as a true anti-racist organization. Progress will be defined by the actions of the organization in pursuit of clearly defined goals and metrics. ArtPride will consistently listen to, and report back to, members, partners, and collaborators to ensure that its path and work remain true to the ongoing structural work of dismantling racism and supporting historically excluded artists and arts organizations in New Jersey.

ArtPride continues to evolve as an organization through this work. In the spirit of transparency, ArtPride will continue to share assessments, reports, plans and other information as they are created. This statement was created in collaboration with Tangible Development, Staff, and Board and was approved by ArtPride’s Board of Trustees on August 23, 2021.


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ArtPride New Jersey would like to extend their gratitude to the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation and the Grunin Foundation for their specific support of the organization’s work in equity, diversity and inclusion.


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