NJ League of Municipalities Conference


The 108th Annual Conference will be held November 14-16 at the Atlantic City Convention Center in Atlantic City featuring three days of sessions, networking, and product highlights to help local government officials buttress their efforts to lead through a future filled with the latest developments in technology, the environment, and infrastructure while managing public safety, health, and the multitude of other issues that arise. 

ArtPride hosted a panel discussion at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 14 in Room 416 at the Atlantic City Convention Center.

Building Healthy Communities through the Arts – In a world filled with tension, anxiety, and disconnection, the need to enhance mental and physical health in our communities is greater than ever. Learn how innovative arts programs lift spirits and bodies, relieve stress, improve public health, and remind us of how connected we are as community members. (Recommended in connection with Mayors Wellness Campaign).

Presiding Mayor

  • Mark Freda, Princeton


  • Christina Eskridge, Founder, Elevate Theatre Company LLC and consultant to NJPAC’s Arts & Healing Program
  • Melanie Franklin Cohn - Executive Director, Visual Art Center of New Jersey in Summit
  • Aylin Green - Executive Director, West Windsor Arts Council