ArtsPay NJ

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What is ArtsPay NJ?

  • ArtsPay NJ is a long-term project to build pay equity in the arts in our state. 

  • 2023 is the first year of the project and includes compensation surveys for nonprofit organizations and individuals

  • 2023 data will give us a snapshot of current compensation levels in our sector. This data will reveal areas where we need to address inequity and will set a baseline to measure progress in future years

  • This project is coordinated by the arts service organizations of New Jersey: ArtPride NJ, Arts Ed NJ, Dance New Jersey, New Jersey Theatre Alliance, New Jersey Association of Museums, and South Jersey Cultural Alliance. Each of these organizations are committing funds to support the project.

  • This project is managed by Baker Richards, a UK-based arts research firm with a multi-year track record of researching pay within the arts sector of the United Kingdom.


Who has access to the results?

  • The results will made available to the public at no cost. Baker Richards’ Report and a link to the public dashboard will be available on the websites of the Arts Service Groups in New Jersey.

  • You do not need not have participated in the survey to gain access to the results


ArtsPay NJ Survey Report