We have until the end of the year let everyone know that the nonprofit arts industry makes a real difference to New Jersey’s economy.  If you’ve not yet completed the Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 organizational survey online, here a chance to still be counted by completing a ONE PAGE PAPER SURVEY! The survey is available as a Word doc and as a PDF. When completed, please email, USPS mail, or fax directly to Americans for the Arts where your numbers will be added to those organizations that have already completed the survey online.

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This survey is due by 12/31.  This is the final deadline for organizations to be part of the statewide  study. If you cannot complete it by that date, please notify Ann Marie Miller as soon as possible.  Audience surveys are the other important part of this study that quantify patron spending related to  attending an arts event, exhibit or activity. Audiences are still being surveyed around the state until  December 31.  If you have not yet surveyed your audience members and wish them to be counted,  please contact ArtPride staff as soon as possible. We have the 1-page form ready for you and can  assist with training staff or volunteers. This time next year we will be electing a new Governor in our  state. It’s critical that candidates understand the economic value of the arts in New Jersey. Be  counted so we can paint an accurate and stunning portrait of the arts in all corners of our state!