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Orchestra Operations Manager
Summit, NJ
New Jersey Intergenerational Orchestra
Part Time
Posted June 18, 2024
New Jersey Intergenerational Orchestra (NJIO), a non-profit orchestra program open to all ages and skill levels based in Summit, NJ, seeks an Orchestra Operations Manager. This position is responsible for managing the logistical aspects of rehearsals and concerts, in addition to managing the music library. This is a part-time, hourly, hybrid position on a small team that will begin in August 2024.

Duties and Responsibilities

The responsibilities for this position fall into three categories: Rehearsal and personnel management, music librarianship, and concert management.

Rehearsal and personnel management:
• Setup and takedown of rehearsal space including percussion; maintain seating layout for each of the three orchestras
• Take attendance of orchestra members and artistic staff
• Manage conductors’ logistical and musical needs during rehearsals
• Coordinate with Administrator regarding changes to the rosters
• Hire substitute artistic staff as needed in coordination with Artistic Director
• Hire ringers for rehearsals and concerts as per budget
• Arrange for sub/ringer payment with Administrator

Music librarianship:
• Work with Artistic Director and conductors to determine music needs and availability
• Order music (within budget constraints) as needed.
• Upload music to designated site to make it available to orchestra members. Assist members with access to music as needed
• Add bowed parts or notes as provided by conductors. Manage changes to the music and re-upload for distribution as required
• Provide conductors and other artistic staff with printed scores
• Provide ringers/subs with their parts

Concert management:
• Prepare stage plots with assistance from stage manager
• Coordinate with guest artists, ringers, and substitutes for logistical needs
• Back of house management on day of concert


Required skills and strengths:
• Familiarity with orchestral/classical repertoire and orchestral traditions
• Ability to read orchestral scores
• Proactive, self-starter
• Exceptional organization skills
• Collaborative mindset
• Desire to work with amateur musicians, and confidence to hire professionals
• Able to lift and carry 30 lbs (ensemble and percussion set-up)
• Uses tact, diplomacy, and emotional intelligence to manage complex interpersonal dynamics
• Take responsibility to opening and closing secure rehearsal site with alarm system
• Technical skills: Microsoft suite (Word, Excel), Dropbox, scanning/printing

Bonus points for:
• Familiarity with local orchestra scene/gigging musicians
• Deep knowledge of orchestral/classical repertoire
• Experience with music education
• Proficiency in music notation software
• Prior experience performing in orchestras

Estimated time required for position:
This is a part-time position that centers around an 8-month season (September – April) plus preparation in August. During the season, this position requires about 10-12 hours per week, including being at rehearsals 3:00pm-10:00pm on Thursdays. The following is an estimate of hours and earnings but compensation will be based on actual hours spent on tasks.

Librarian and Orchestra Personnel Management duties: September-April plus one month of summer programming. 16 hours per month. Some Librarian and Personnel activities take place during rehearsals (not paid separately), but otherwise can be done remotely on a flexible schedule.

Rehearsal Manager duties: 3-10pm on Thursdays (7 hours) for 28 weeks from September through April. This is on-site in Summit, NJ.

Concert Manager duties: 11am-6pm (7 hours) for 4 concerts during the seasons (one each in November, December, February, and April). All concerts are on Sundays. This is on-site in a variety of locations in central/north Jersey.

How To Apply

Compensation: Hourly compensation at $20/hr. Total estimated compensation over the course of a year is $7,360 for 368 hours of work. Reasonable accommodations can be made for applicants with disabilities during the hiring process and on the job. Those historically excluded from the orchestral field are encouraged to apply. NJIO is an equal opportunity employer. To apply: Email your resume to Allison at Qualified applicants will be asked to interview. NJIO will provide reasonable accommodations during the interview/application process for applicants with disabilities. This position will be selected in July 2024.
Deadline: Jun 24, 2024